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And the work they are doing

After years of growth and change, HESC decided that to further distinguish ourselves throughout the community as leaders in educational outreach services and to develop stronger, more significant programs, it was vital that we create an Advisory Committee of local community leaders, innovators and higher education professionals to help us “rebrand and renew” our efforts.


In April 2014, an HESC Outreach Advisory Committee was formed to provide guidance related to future outreach programs and activities to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and impact.  The primary focus areas are:

      • Brand – consider the value, benefit, and impact of re-branding the outreach efforts of HESC under a different moniker and detail supporting efforts for effective promotion
      • Programs – discuss the current services provided to determine any changes to avoid duplication of efforts and maximize resources in the community
      • Partnerships – strengthen our role in the community by partnering with others to supplement their work with our college-going message; improve communications to avoid scheduling conflicts while supporting other community partners’ programs; and foster partnerships for grant opportunities that positively impact our community
Meet our Advisory Committee!